Skin lesions and blemishes can become problematic and many of us find them unsightly.

Our advanced Skin Specialists have over 20 years experience removing thread veins, warts, verruca's, age spots, spider nevus and more. We offer this specialist service with our highly trained specialists in a safe and hygienic environment with a full health consultation to ensure treatment suitability and the best outcome.

Depending on the skin lesion or condition we are treating, depends on the modality we choose to perform the removal;


Using a device with pinpoint accuracy, cryotherapy uses an ultra cold jet of high pressure to freeze the lesion, causing the cells to die off within the treated area.

We are able to treat lesions of varying sizes with no damage to the surrounding healthy tissue and effectively treats, skin tags, warts, verucca's, milia, cherry angiomas and sun spots/pigmentation.

Treatment takes between 5 and 30 seconds, is pain free and although results are permanent, some lesions may take more than one treatment.

Advanced Electrolysis

We mainly use this method to treat fine, red thread veins on face and legs and is exceptionally successful.

Advanced electrolysis is also known as non-surgical blemish removal or thermo-coagulation and is a very sought after procedure that uses electrical currents to safely remove telangiectasia (red veins), skin tags, spider naevi, moles and milia.

Treatment times are in blocks of 15 minutes and results are permanent although some lesions may need more than one session.

Cryo-oxygen Micro -needling

This modality is primarily used for wrinkles, ageing, pigmentation, acne scarring and stretch marks.

Incredible results can be achieved over 12 weeks to 24 weeks, with twice monthly appointments, alongside a superior homecare regime.

The simultaneous actions of micro -channelling and high pressure cryo-oxygen delivers plant stem cells, antioxidants and low weight molecular hyaluronic acid to plump, smooth and stimulate collagen production.

The results are staggering and is one of our most popular treatments.

It is such a joy to be able to treat so many skin conditions so if you would like to chat more, do call us 01256 364706 or email

Thread Veins

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