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Bee Bum

The Magic of Bees

Here at ER we are all about skin health, skin immunity and harnessing nature's finest but most effective ingredients.

Along with our strong ethical and eco philosophies, we will only use ingredients that we know won't harm the environment and will at least help communities or give back to the planet.

As strong advocates of Bee protection, we have been using Epicuren's Bee Propolis products for over 15 years and I personally have seen extraordinary results from one of nature's most magical ingredients. And, I adore the fact that harvesting this propolis supports a rainforest community and prevents deforestation.

Propolis extract is a supplement used for its incredible immune supporting factors. This resin-like substance is produced by bees and is used to seal and protect their hives. This substance is rich in a variety of vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, proteins, and amino acids. Propolis, especially Brazilian Propolis, contains very powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. Research shows that Propolis may also be effective in treating burns, stimulating the immune system, and reducing signs of inflammation.

Our  unique and nourishing Propolis Mist supporst the immunity and health of all skin types but is especially good for problematic skin to help promote the healing process, inhibit bacteria and restores the pH of the skin.

The perfect conditioning, bioflavonoid-rich solution developed to balance the skin, while providing the perfect environment for healthy skin to flourish.

Brazilian Propolis Mist

Here is why you will love it....

  1. A unique & natural ingredient harvested in the purest conditions.
  2. Epicuren’s highest strength propolis is harvested in the Brazilian Rainforest making it unique in its compound content, more potent and is free of all toxic contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.
  3. Soothing & healing.
  4. Strengthens skin immunity.
  5. High content of vitamins, antioxidant and flavonoids.
  6. Active against the bacteria responsible for acne - Bulgarian Study 2006
  7. Propolis helps fight infections – anti-viral, ant-fungal & anti-bacterial.
  8. Reduces and prevent free radicals, oxidative stress, and inflammation, which are primary underlying causes of ageing.
  9. Epicuren’s unique harvesting practises safeguards the rainforest community.
  10. It is AMAZING!

Too order, pop over to our shop or call us on 01256 364706 and we will be delighted to help..

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