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Tired of New Year New You....I certainly am!

The New Year is full of such hope and new promise. We like to wipe the slate clean, start again, pledge to be better, fitter, eat less and run more and everywhere screams New Year ..New You!!!  We then spend all of January desperately trying to stick to these resolutions only to fail most of them by the 15th!  (or is that just me?)

However, have you ever thought about the old you? Or should I say, have you thought about YOU? Who are you, what have you achieved? How has life shaped you?

Emotions, events, tragedies, celebrations and much more, have nurtured and changed you, to be the person you are today. You are who you are because of you and your personal journey. Strengthened by life, shaped by emotion and energised by love, you now have 2012 to dance through, with a smile on your face from every moment that you have lived. Understand who you are and look at all of you in a positive way and not just the worst bits that you are constantly trying to change.

What about if you are a food lover and a wee bit wobblier than you would like to be? Well then great! You have a fabulous appreciation of the delights of food and socialising; you know how to have fun and eating is one of the most ingrained, sensual pleasures that we have. Aren’t you far better company at a dinner party than the one who picks at their food and then leaves it (after all the hours of cooking)!!? Once you understand that about you, do you really want to change it? The answer should be NO I WOULD NOT!.........BUT........ I would like to shape it, improve it and send it just towards a slightly different direction.

With that in mind, you can take little steps forward and go for that walk before you go to that dinner party or dance a little harder afterwards! Take steps to deal with that huge problem we all have today called stress. Cramming so much into our busy lives, we leave no time for ourselves and let the ravages of stress, etch away at our spirits and our souls. Book that massage, read that book. Make it happen; for you.

Make better life choices, one stage at a time, all the while loving who you are NOW, not who are trying to change into.

Don’t fall for New Year, New You……. Your motto for January should be OLD ME BUT fabulous ME !

AND I am going to make me even better!


Lots of love & see you soon!!